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Task 1: Offer Simon offers to sell his car to Tony for £600. Tony is unsure but, as he is leaving the pub, asks Simon if he can tell him by 9.00 am the next day. Simon agrees. Later that night Tony meets Rick, a reliable mutual friend, who tells him that Simon has decided to keep the car. Tony visits Simon at 8.30am and accepts the offer. In this context explain and illustrate the nature and rules of offer. (300 words) AC1.1 Task 2: Acceptance AG Ltd placed the following advertisement in a local newspaper: ‘We are able to offer for sale a number of portable colour television sets at the specially reduced price of £5.90. Order now while stocks last.’ The advertisement contained a mistake in that the television sets should have been priced at £59.00. B Ltd immediately placed an order for 100 television sets. Explain and comment on the rules of acceptance to form a valid contract. (300 words) AC2.1 Task 3: Consideration Arthur promises Black £3,000 if he gives his car to Charles and Charles agrees to that. Unfortunately Arthur dies in a road accident and Black now does not want to give his car to Charles. Charles is very disappointed. Advice Charles as to his legal position and in this context explain the purpose and rules relating to consideration in law with examples and supporting cases. (500 words) AC3.1 Task 4: Intention to create legal relations Mary’s businessman husband urgently needed money for his business and requested Mary for help. Mary transferred £25,000 from her bank account to her husband’s bank account. Later relationship between them soured and Mary needed the money herself and asked her husband to return the money. But her husband says they are husband and wife and does not have to return the £25,000. Advice Mary as to her rights. Explain and comment on the requirement of intention to create legal relationship with leading case laws. (400 words) AC4.1 4 task 1500 at distinction level

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