Legal and extra-legal materials

Essay Question: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do!” Critically consider this statement, using examples to illustrate your arguments. For the essay Give evidence of relevant independent research into a range of legal and extra-legal materials Planned and structured the essay coherently Presented reasoned argument Shown evidence of thinking creatively, imaginatively, and in abstract terms Supported arguments with evidence and references Written in a clear and consistent style Used full and correct referencing and bibliography. Please use the powerpoint that i have uploaded. It has all the details of what to include in the essay. Discuss everything in the powerpoint in detail in the essay. Include the legal cases that are included ,add more cases and provide a bibliography in the alphabetical order. Use different sources. Please add all the sources including the cases in footnotes. use examples to illustrate the statement and use connectives when starting a new paragraph. The essay should be a high standard as it is a LLB LAW essay and should be a 2.1 grade. The work should not be plagiarised as it will be submitted through the turnitin system.

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