Key Concepts in Digital Video and Multimedia

Key Concepts in Digital Video and Multimedia

Create an online Presentation (by using Google Presentation, Prezi or Powerpoint online) that explains “Key Concepts” in Digital Video and Multimedia.Technical Requirements:1- At least 17 slides plus 1 title and 1 resources slide are needed.2- For difficult concepts such as “long shot” , provide a picture or short video clip as an example of the concept.3- Write your sources at the end of the presentation.Key Concepts on Multimedia and Digital Video:Roles and jobs of a production crew for digital video projects (2 SLIDES)executive producer, producer, director, engineer, script writer, editor, camera operator, presenter, audio technicianRoles and jobs of a production crew for multimedia projects (2 SLIDES)project manager, lead programmer, writer, art director, editor, sound engineer, researcher, animator, presenterBasic concepts of video filming (2 slides)Composition, Ratio of image to frame, Position in frame, Line of gaze, pan/tilts, movement,perspectiveBasic camera techniques (1 slide)zoom, focus,iris control,white balance, filtersLighting techniques (1 slide)key, fill, backlightBasic video-shot vocabulary (1 slide)Long shot, medium shot, extreme closeVIDEO FILE FORMATS (1 slide)MPEG, AVI, MOV, MP4Analog, digital, codec, drop-frame, resolution (1 slide)Differences and similarities between linear and nonlinear editing (1 slide)How to output digital video to analog and analog video to digital. (1 slide)Chroma key or Color key(1 slide)Frame and Fps(1 slide)Cutaway and Jump Cut(1 slide)Persistence of Vision and Rule of Thirds (1 slide)

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