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Jeff Barkins is a conscientious marketing manager. Sometimes, Jeff and his staff are unclear what decisions to make when faced with moral dilemmas. Jeff and other managers could create broad guidelines that everyone in the organization must follow

05 / 03 / 2018 Assignment

This paper circulates around the core theme of Jeff Barkins is a conscientious marketing manager. Sometimes, Jeff and his staff are unclear what decisions to make when faced with moral dilemmas. Jeff and other managers could create broad guidelines that everyone in the organization must follow together with its essential aspects. It has been reviewed and purchased by the majority of students thus, this paper is rated 4.8 out of 5 points by the students. In addition to this, the price of this paper commences from £ 45. To get this paper written from the scratch, order this assignment now. 100% confidential, 100% plagiarism-free.

1) In which step of the hierarchy of effects would a marketer most likely rely on samples and


A) create awareness

B) inform the market

C) create desire

D) encourage .homeworkminutes.com/answer/view/71612#”>purchase

E) build loyalty

2) Which of the following types of communication programs is typically the easiest to evaluate?

A) public relations

B) word of mouth marketing

C) personal sales

D) sales promotion

E) advertising

3) A newspaper article discussed a lawsuit in which independent video stores accused

Blockbuster of engaging in an illegal conspiracy to drive them out of business. What promotion

element would Blockbuster most likely use to improve its corporate image, which has been

tarnished by these accusations?

A) sales promotion

B) personal selling

C) public relations

D) direct marketing

E) stealth marketing

4) tickets at their local dealer through a test-drive promotion. According to the communication

model, the people coming into the dealership to test-drive a vehicle are the ________.

A) encoders

B) message

C) source

D) medium

E) feedback

5) A representative from a nationally known cookie manufacturer is at a local supermarket

distributing samples of a new flavor of cookie that the company has just introduced. The cookie

manufacturer is implementing ________ in giving away samples of the cookie.

A) personal selling

B) stealth marketing

C) sales promotion

D) direct marketing

E) shilling

6) Marketers often hire celebrities as spokespersons for their products, thus associating the

________ of the message with an attractive, exciting, or admirable person.

A) source

B) medium

C) coding

D) decoding

E) receiver

7) Unlike other forms of promotion, ________ is intended to stimulate immediate action rather

than build long-term loyalty from a customer.

A) sales promotion

B) guerrilla marketing

C) advertising

D) word-of-mouth communication

E) personal selling

8) Which of the following statements about advertising is true?

A) Advertising is personal communication from an identified sponsor using the mass media.

B) Consumers perceive advertising as always having a high level of credibility.

C) Advertising can be used to establish and reinforce a distinctive brand identity.

D) Advertising tends to be comparatively inexpensive.

E) Advertising always relies on factual information.

9) The ________ step in the hierarchy of effects calls for marketers to inform the target market

that there is a new brand on the market using simple, repetitive advertising in a variety of media.

A) awareness

B) knowledge

C) demand

D) desire

E) purchase

10) Though the ________ method of setting an advertising budget is simple to use and helps

management think about the relationships among promotion spending, selling price, and profit

per unit, it wrongly views sales as the cause of promotion rather than the result.

A) percentage-of-sales

B) competitive-parity

C) bottom-up

D) objective-task

E) push-pull

11) Which of the following statements about the competitive-parity method of budgeting is true?

A) It is the most commonly used bottom-up method for budgeting.

B) It works because it relies on dynamic market shares that change annually.

C) It is the only top-down budgeting method used to determine promotional budgets.

D) It is considered the most logical budgeting method.

E) It mirrors the best thinking of others in the business.

12) The ________ method of promotional budgeting is based on determining spending necessary

to accomplish specific promotion goals.

A) percentage-of-sales

B) competitive-parity

C) top-down

D) pull-push

E) objective-task

13) In the AIDA model, the D stands for ________.

A) demand

B) desire

C) data

D) do-it-yourself

E) decoding



1) Which of the following is true of institutional advertising?

A) It is also known as public-service advertising.

B) It describes products as customer services.

C) It is primarily used to support sales promotion activities.

D) It promotes the activities or point of view of an organization.

E) It is used only by non-profit and government organizations.

2) Advertising account managers are typically responsible for which of the following?

A) writing the advertising copy

B) acting as liaison between the agency and client

C) posttesting advertisements

D) collecting data to make informed strategic decisions

E) identifying the most effective communication vehicles for the advertising campaign

3) Which advertising agency specialist is responsible for acting as the voice of the consumer in

creating effective advertising?

A) the account executive

B) the account planner

C) the creative director

D) the media planner

E) the art director

4) Which of the following should be the first step of developing an advertising campaign?

A) set the budget objectives

B) establish the advertising message

C) understand the target audience

D) draft the creative brief

E) select the execution format

5) ________ is a problem-solving process for getting an advertising message to a specific target

audience in the most effective fashion.

A) Pretesting

B) Lobbying

C) Media pulsing

D) Media planning

E) Sampling

6) Which of the following statements about magazines as an advertising medium is true?

A) Magazines have long lead times and deadlines that can reduce flexibility.

B) Magazines have not benefited from advances in communication technologies.

C) Magazines typically use a mass marketing strategy.

D) Magazines do not accept local advertising.

E) Magazines have poor reproduction quality of images.

7) Which of the following would a marketer use to track customers as they pass through the

aisles of a retail outlet?

A) RFID technology

B) augmented reality technology

C) permission-based marketing

D) cookies

E) digital signage

8) Which of the following is true about a continuous advertising schedule?

A) It is less difficult to evaluate than a pulsing schedule.

B) It reduces a firm’s need for public relations.

C) It is much less expensive than a flighting schedule.

D) It can lead to advertising wear-out.

E) It is more effective than a pulsing schedule for seasonal products.

9) Which of the following is a technique for measuring the impact of an advertisement during the

final step of developing an advertising campaign?

A) pretesting

B) attitudinal measures

C) pulsing

D) gross rating points (GRPs)

E) cost per thousand (CPM)

10) Which of the following is a relatively inexpensive objective measurement that public

relations (PR) specialists can use to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts?

A) personal evaluation of PR activities

B) opinion surveys among the firm’s publics

C) coverage in print and broadcast media

D) gross ratings points (GRP)

E) cost per thousand (CPM)

11) ____________ in the form of logos, stationery, brochures, signs, business forms, business

cards, buildings, uniforms, and company trucks can be used to help a company create an identity

that the public immediately recogn

A) Direct marketing

B) Social marketing

C) Public service activities

D) Corporate identity materials

E) Sponsorships

12) An example of a(n) ________ is an airline’s practice of awarding customers points for miles

traveled that can be turned in for free airline trips.

A) price-off pack

B) rebate

C) special pack

D) loyalty program

E) premium

13) An ad for Ford did not advertise any cars, but instead explained the meaning of the

company’s slogan, “no boundaries.” This ad is an example of ________.

A) product advertising

B) a sales promotion

C) institutional advertising

D) advocacy advertising

E) retail advertising

14) Keely was invited to examine a free copy of a new magazine called Coastal Living. If she

did not enjoy the magazine, she could write “Refused” on the invoice for her subscription, which

would arrive about three weeks after the free magazine. The magazine’s publisher was using


A) a continuity program

B) a rebate

C) a premium

D) product placement

E) sampling



1) Which of the following is the LEAST relevant characteristic that a salesperson should

consider when qualifying a prospect?

A) financial ability

B) longevity in the market

C) credit history

D) volume of business

E) likely level of loyalty

2) Which of the following is NOT a closing approach for a salesperson?

A) a last objection close

B) a bridge close

C) a standing-room-only close

D) a buy-now close

E) an assumptive close

3) Which of the following is NOT one of the four basic types of compensation plans?

A) straight commission

B) commission-with-draw

C) commission-plus-bonus

D) quota-bonus

E) straight salary

4) In which type of sales job is an employee LEAST likely to focus on relationship selling?

A) new-business salesperson

B) team selling member

C) order taker

D) order getter

E) missionary salesperson

5) What type of compensation plan would a company be most likely to use for its missionary


A) a straight commission plan

B) a straight draw plan

C) a commission-with-draw plan

D) a quota-bonus plan

E) a performance objective plan

6) ________ involves a channel member purchasing large quantities of a product during a

discount period, warehousing the product, and not buying the product again until another

discount is offered.

A) Hoarding

B) Forward buying

C) Rebating

D) Co-op buying

E) Discounting

7) A trade show is a way for a company to do all of the following EXCEPT which one?

A) distribute literature about its product

B) pay a bonus to members of its salesforce

C) give away sample products

D) establish new business contacts

E) showcase its new products in elaborate exhibits

8) What are two major forms of direct-response television (DRTV)?

A) shows on home shopping networks and infomercials

B) home-selling and toll-free response

C) home television response and attention commercials

D) direct selling and m-commerce

E) home shopping networks and short-messaging systems

9) Of the following, which sales job requires the LEAST creative selling?

A) order getter

B) order taker

C) team selling member

D) new-business salesperson

E) missionary salesperson

10) A group of people from a range of departments brought together by a firm to develop

products and programs that satisfy the customer’s needs is referred to as a ________ team.

A) cross-functional

B) partner relationship management (PRM)

C) customer relationship management (CRM)

D) missionary

E) transactional

Chapter 18

1) In which of the following scenarios would high-pressure selling tactics be most advantageous

for marketers?

A) selling situations with long-time customers

B) selling situations where there is a high likelihood of new customers becoming repeat customers

C) selling situations with a company’s most highly valued customers

D) selling situations that are “one-time” occurrences

E) selling situations with dissatisfied customers

2) Setting prices below cost, threatening to cut off business with suppliers, and discouraging the

purchase of a competitor’s products are all examples of ________.

A) routine competition

B) excessive materialism

C) predatory competition

D) acquisitions

E) barriers to entering a market

3) Companies emphasizing ________ are developing “green marketing” programs that develop

ecologically safer products, recyclable and biodegradable packaging, and more energy-efficient


A) pollution prevention

B) product stewardship

C) “beyond greening”

D) new clean technology

E) sustainability vision

4) Which sustainable marketing principle emphasizes building long-run consumer loyalty and


A) sense-of-mission marketing

B) innovative marketing

C) customer-value marketing

D) consumerist marketing

E) differential marketing

5) When a company makes marketing decisions by considering consumers’ wants and interests,

the company’s requirements, and society’s long-run interests, it is practicing ________


A) value

B) societal

C) sense-of-mission

D) consumer-oriented

E) customer-value

6) ________ products give both high immediate satisfaction and high long-run benefits.

A) Deficient

B) Pleasing

C) Desirable

D) Salutary

E) Threatening

7) In societal marketing, it is accurate to say that companies should try to turn ________.

A) deficient products into pleasing ones

B) desirable products into pleasing ones

C) deficient products into salutary ones

D) all of their products into salutary ones

E) all of their products into desirable ones

8) The societal marketing challenge for makers of which type of product is to add long-run

benefits without reducing the product’s agreeable qualities?

A) salutary

B) desirable

C) pleasing

D) durable

E) deficient

9) Jeff Barkins is a conscientious marketing manager. Sometimes, Jeff and his staff are unclear

what decisions to make when faced with moral dilemmas. Jeff and other managers could create

broad guidelines that everyone in the organization must follow in the form of a ________.

A) company value statement

B) company mission statement

C) company vision statement

D) corporate marketing ethics policy

E) financial statement

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