•It is recommended that you follow the modelling standard used in the text book and lecture slides.

Part A — Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) Draw an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the data storage requirements of a business described in the case study below.  


•It is recommended that you follow the modelling standard used in the text book and lecture slides.

•Use only attributes that uniquely identify instances of an entity that are mentioned inside the case study.  Any other attributes that also could uniquely identify entity instances beyond the case study should not be introduced.

•Some information in the case study is ambiguous, vague, and/or missing.  This is intentional to encourage students to think, explore, and search for answers.  There are two options:

1.  Seek clarification about the case study by posting a message on the course forums for this assignment (after searching thoroughly, you notice the same topic / question has not already been discussed).  In an appendix named ‘Assumptions and Clarifications’, clearly document any clarification received in your assignment submission. This appendix will be marked regarded as a 10-mark task in Part A as ‘Assumptions/ clarifications support all details provided in the ERD’.

2.  Make reasonable assumptions about missing or ambiguous information in the case study which are useful information that support the way you draw and present your developed ERD. Your assumptions and clarifications need to adequately support why all details in the ERD are provided as such. However, marks may be lost for unreasonable assumptions.  For example, the follow are unreasonable assumptions: 
•‘I assume that each invoice must be paid, so created a payment entity for this assignment’ (when the last line in the case study clearly states that payments are outside the scope) and 
•‘I could not find MS Visio in any CQU lab or any similar software, so hand drew my ERD for submission’.

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