It is industry study report, we submitted all required documents. In this assessment item,

It is industry study report, we submitted all required documents. In this assessment item, a full report is required as part of the student`s individual study of the water and wastewater treatment processes in an industry of the student`s choice. The report will take the format of a literature-based study. Your report should demonstrate an understanding of the particular problems that arise in the treatment of water and/or wastewater in the industry you have selected to study and the current or potential technologies that are used to address these problems. An environmental, social and/or economic assessment of the treatment processes, reuse and recycling practices, and recovery of any by-products might be a useful topic to include in your report.  Your report will be assessed upon the following criteria: Research Effort and Quality  Quality and extent of coverage of literature related to the topic.  Industrial site visits if relevant.  Minimal use of web based and not peer reviewed materials. Technical Understanding  Accurate description and explanation of the relevant water and wastewater treatment processes and technologies. Evaluation and Assessment  Valid and justified evaluation and comparison of the treatment processes.  Insightful critic and improvement/suggestions of the processes.  Evaluation and assessment of the processes can be based on technical, environmental, social and/or economic aspects. Writing Style and References  The report is written to the specified word length (within 10%).  The report is a simply, but logically, structured.  There is good organisation with a Title page and a Table of Contents.  There is an informative ‘summary’, up to half of a page in length at the beginning of the report.  There is a conclusion, and recommendations if appropriate.  The writing is coherent and the argument is logically developed.  The report should be relevant to all aspects of the topic.  All aspects of the topic should be covered in appropriate depth.  The spelling and punctuation are correct.  The sentences and paragraphs make sense and are logically sequenced.  There is no unnecessary repetition.  All sources of information are suitably acknowledged.  The references are cited correctly in a proper and consistent format.  The references are listed in a generally acceptable and consistent format

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