Investment portfolio and Management

Create an investment portfolio and complete a number of trades (buys and sells). 2. The portfolio is to be created using an on‐line trading platform called StockTrak. You can choose the following assets: Equity (stock), ETFs, mutual funds, foreign exchange or derivatives. You have a starting capital of $1m and trading attracts commissions. 3. Submit a team report that includes: a. Outlook: to base your decisions for market selection , asset allocation and industry analysis b. A strategy and trading philosophy of your portfolio (this can be based on fundamental, technical or a combination) c. The Risk control plan: Risk control plan might be one the following: maximum risk per trade, stop‐loss strategy, diversification, reduced leverage for correlated markets, market volatility adjustments, adjusting leverage to equity changes, or losing period adjustments (Abraham and Druze (2012), My Trading Journal, Ch 10). d. Explanation of trades undertaken (notebook and diary)

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