? In your own words, explain what cultural relativism is (with respect to ethics).

? In your own words, explain what cultural relativism is (with respect to ethics). Use the Rachels article (or McKinnon) to point out two arguments (or two pieces of

evidence) in favor of moral relativism. Explain how those arguments/those data are supposed to establish relativism and explain what, if anything, is problematic with

these arguments/the relativist use of this evidence. If you want to, you can suggest (at the end) a possible relativist response.
? In your own words, explain what psychological egoism is. Choose two arguments in favor of psychological egoism described in Feinberg?s paper (one of them should be

his ?first? or ?second? arguments). Explain, carefully, how they are supposed to establish egoism. Explain thereafter what is wrong with these arguments.
? What is a moral theory? One purported moral theory is the Divine Command theory. Explain what makes this qualify a moral theory. What important challenge(s) does

Socrates present for Divine Command theories in the Euthyphro dialogue? Why is the Euthyphro Contrast a problem for the Divine Command theory? If you want to, you can

suggest (at the end) how a possible response to the problem from the Divine Command theorist would go.
I am perfectly aware that these three topics may be pitched at somewhat different levels of difficulty (no. 2 is probably the most difficult since the topic is more

Your paper should state clearly, at the outset, what is going to happen in the paper. Thereafter, the arguments for the position in question should be laid out as

clearly as possible ? it will be considered laudable if you are able to identify and spell out hidden assumptions and present the argument stepwise from premises to

conclusions (including intermediate conclusions).
You may want to have a look at secondary material (Stanford Encyclopedia is generally recommended). If secondary literature is used, it should be properly cited.
You are not required to come up with anything of your own in the sense of original ideas (the last part of topic 1 and 3 is purely optional). The paper will be

assessed on the basis of the analytic ability displayed and the clarity of the exposition (in short: how well you have understood the selection and how good you are at

recognizing its argumentative structure).
Clarity, and how well articulated your paper is, will to a certain extent count.


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