In response to the content of Music lectures and tutorials, develop a reflective journal

In response to the content of Music lectures and tutorials, develop a reflective journal that demonstrates your understanding of key curriculum content, concepts and pedagogy in Music. Access three Music resources for potential use in the K-6 classroom. Each resource should address a different learning stage to reflect an extended developmental Music learning experience. Resources could include a song, a recording, a music game, a rap or chant, a website, an app etc. showing the potential for both interactive music making and appreciating. Ensure you include a variety (i.e. not three recordings or three similar songs) and discuss how each could be used from both a teaching and learning perspective. You may not include resources provided by the tutor, but you will be expected to share your favourite resource with your peers in tutorial time. Then, write a critical reflection (200 – 250 words) on each resource that includes the following elements: • Identify the Stage / year level each learning resource or experience is suitable for and explain why the resource and approach / technique are appropriate for this age group. • Describe in what ways the use of each resource addresses the development of specific Music Syllabus content, concepts and skills. • Critique the appropriateness of each resource and the effectiveness of the techniques and teaching strategies / pedagogical approaches which might be employed in a related music learning activity, with reference to cross-curricular application. • Make links to relevant theories of learning from your reading, to support your reflections. • Present your work as a professional teaching journal that is well organised, engaging to read, employs clear English, correct grammar and punctuation and includes complete and accurate referencing (APA). PLEASE USE THE MUSIC JOURNAL SCAFFOLD WHICH IS ATTACHED, ALSO THE NSW K-6 CREATIVE ARTS SYLLABUS IS ALSO ATTACHED.

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