In order to ensure that other students who hand their assignments in on time are not disadvantaged,










In order to ensure that other students who hand their assignments in on time are not disadvantaged,

and to enable me to comply with the requirement to return assignments to the class within 15 working

days, the following rules about extensions will be strictly enforced:

Extensions cannot be granted for on-line tests, as these have to be done within a specific

time frame, after which the answers are released to the class automatically.

Computer problems (such as the speed of your computer and the time it may take you to

upload assignments onto and normal work-related pressures and family

commitments do not constitute sufficient reasons for the granting of extensions.

If it becomes obvious that you are not going to be able to submit an assignment on time

because of an unavoidable problem, you must submit your request for an extension to the

Subject Coordinator in writing (email is acceptable) prior to the due date.

Requests for extensions will not be granted on or after the due date so you must make sure

that any extension is requested prior to the day on which the assignment is due.

You are expected to do all you can to meet assignment deadlines. Work and family- related

pressures do not normally constitute sufficient reasons for the granting of extensions or

incomplete grades.

If you apply for an extension, you may be asked to email your lecturer on what you have

done so far on the assignment.

You must be able to provide documentary evidence (such as a certificate from a doctor or

counsellor) justifying the need for an extension as soon as practicable - but please note that if

the circumstances giving rise to the request for an extension arise on a day when you cannot

get documentary evidence, you must still apply for the extension before the due date and

submit the documentary evidence afterwards.

Given the tight deadlines involved in returning assignments to students and putting feedback

on Interact, the maximum extension granted generally will be seven (7) days from the

due date.

Assignments received more than 10 days after the due date or extension date will not be

marked unless the staff member decides otherwise. Items received late will be penalised at

10% of the mark available for the assessment item per day it is late (see below).

Note that for purposes of measuring lateness, the `day` begins just after 00.00 hrs AEST - so

an assignment received after midnight of the due date will be penalised 10% for lateness.

This rule will be applied to all students uniformly.

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