Implement and Monitor Nursing Care for Older Clients

Q1a: Demonstrates understanding of the discharge process; including who is involved and what specific concepts need to be considered for this client. 
Q1b: Demonstrates research and understanding of three (3) local services that are available to assist the older person with maintaining social contacts.
Q2a:  Demonstrates understanding of the cause(s) of urinary incontinence 
Q2b: Identifies specific patient education applicable to this client.
Q3: Discusses possible aetiology (causes) of changed behaviours in the Alzheimer’s client.
Q4: Correctly defines Validation Therapy and outlines how and why it can assist this client.
Q4b: Gives an example of how validation therapy can be used for this patient.
Q5a: Correctly identifies the four (4) types (categories) of restraints? 
Q5b: Correctly identifies one (1) action which demonstrates how this restraint could be applied for each of the 4 types of restraints
Q5c: Provide three (3) examples of restraint alternatives that can be used in aged care practice

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