Identify one specific food you will consume from each cat ?

After reading Chapter 8 and reviewing Learning Objective 8.9 (pages 188-189), 1. Identify and discuss a minimum of one part of MyPlate you could most easily adopt in your own diet. Provide specific examples and explain why. (3-5 sentences) Next, using the web link provided in Module 4, Small Changes, 2. Provide one SPECIFIC example of how you will make Small Changes in your diet related to what you discussed above. Be detailed in your response (3-5 sentences) Example: If you identified to switch from whole milk to 1% milk to reduce some foods high in fat, you could discuss other ways to move to low-fat or fat-free dairy changes. Last of all, using the My Plate Plan (; weblink provided in module) 1. Answer the questions to complete the calculation. How many calories do you need to consume per day? (Note: choose either maintain current weight OR achieve healthy weight) 2. How many servings of grains, vegetables, fruits, milk and meats & beans do you need to consume (be sure to label your servings in cups or ounces)? 3.

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