Identify between one and three characters from the story?

Part A: Analytical
(50 points possible)
Analyze one of the three stories in Unit 1 (Two Kinds, Gimpel the Fool, or Sonnys Blues.) Identify between one and three characters from the story and discuss how the characters contribute to an overall idea or message (theme) in the story.
Organize your paper in a traditional essay format. Your paper should have an introduction, in which you identify the story and characters about which you are writing. Include a thesis statement in your introduction. A thesis is the position or argument that an essay expresses. Your thesis will make some kind of statement about the ways in which the characters you discuss contribute to a central idea in the story.
Use the rest of your essay to support your thesis. Use specific examples and details from the story to indicate why your thesis is correct. Your essay should also contain a concluding paragraph that summarizes the ideas you have expressed.
It will be helpful to write an outline before you begin work on this essay. First, ask yourself what the main idea of the story is. Summarize the main point that the author is making in your own words. Next, ask yourself how the different characters contribute to the main idea. Your answer to this question will be your thesis statement. Outline the subsequent body paragraphs, noting specific examples from the story that support your thesis.
HINT: If you select three characters to write about, it would make sense to devote one body paragraph to each character.
A well-written essay will have:-A summary of the main idea in the story. (Your summary of the main idea must follow logically from the story.) 10 points possible-An understanding of how the characters contribute to the main idea. (If you write about three characters you may discuss fewer details about each character than if you write about one or two characters.) 10 points possible-A clear thesis statement. 10 points possible-Details, examples, or evidence from the story to support the thesis statement. (There should be evidence from the text about each character that is discussed.) 10 points possible-Few errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation. (More than ten errors will cost you a letter grade.) 10 points possiblePart B: Creative
(50 points possible)
Select a minor character from a story in Unit 1, choosing from a story you did not write about in Part A of this project. Writing from this characters perspective, create a conversation with another character about the events that happen in the story. Concentrate on identity and motivation. You may explain the identity and motivation of the character from whose perspective you are writing, or you may describe your characters perceptions of another characters identity and motivation. For example, if you are writing from the perspective of Wolf-Leib in Gimpel the Fool, you may share your thoughts about Gimpel with another character. Or, you might explain why you act as you do. Be creative, but refer to the events that happen in the story.
A well-written conversation will show:-A basic knowledge of the events in the story. 13 points possible-The importance of the character about whom you are writing (specifically, how the character interacts with at least one other character.) 13 points possible-A good understanding of identity and motivation as discussed in Unit 1. 13 points possible-Few errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation. (More than ten errors will cost you a letter grade.) 11 points possible

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