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Identify and define key quality issues in terms of efficiency, service delivery, service levels, customer satisfaction and resourcing.

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Task 1.1
Identify and define key quality issues in terms of efficiency, service delivery, service levels, customer satisfaction and resourcing.                                                       
Quality is a relative concept and related to the delivery of product or services to the consumer segment of business. Quality would depend upon achieving the customer desired satisfaction level with the product or service delivered. There can be several issues with the quality for the products or service delivered and issues may include such as efficiency, service levels, service delivery, resourcing and customer satisfaction. Issues in internal service quality of an organization would be related to the service delivery, service level and efficiency. Efficiency in the organization would measure the way in which resources such as time, effort and money has been used so as to attain the desired objective (Munro, 2002). An organization may face quality issues wherein low efficiency would be attained against the desired set. Service delivery shows the process adopted by organization to deliver its services to consumers. There can be issues with service delivery in terms of time delay or higher price. Level of service indicates the consumer perception for service delivery and depending upon services delivered by organization issues would be identified in service levels. Customer satisfaction represents the comparison of actual value delivered to consumers against the expected value through service or goods delivered to them. Service delivery made with lesser benefits to consumer would result into lower customer satisfaction levels. Resourcing defines the implementation of resources for the organization so as to meet their objective of satisfying customer with delivered services.
Task 1.2
Review processes of inspection and assurance in mapping of call-flow of the organisation.                
Inspection and assurance can be considered as the tools for measuring quality through the business operations. These tools are able to ensure that benchmark for the quality has been attained in the organizational environment (Rose, 2005). Tools such as inspection and assurance can be implemented in order to ensure benchmarking process for call flow system in the present context. Inspection can be done in order to review the performance level for mapping of call flow. Inspection process would involve evaluation analysis and gauges applied for the call flow in organization. This would ensure the quality of call mapping process in organizational context. Quality assurance would ensure the continuous monitoring of different aspects for call mapping process. This would also ensure that grade levels are maintained for the call mapping process.  
Task 1.3
Identify a range of approaches to quality management and explain the similarities and distinctions between various methods in the context of contact centre management.
There are basically three quality management tools which can be applied in context to contact centre management organization and these are quality circle, lean tool and Kaizen. In addition to this cost of poor quality present one of the major quality management approaches which contain three aspects which are quality control, quality planning and quality improvement (Paul, 2008). There are major three authors providing approaches to quality management and these are Deming, Juran and P Crosby. Similarity and differences in their approaches can be given as under:
§  Consumer demand standards: According to Deming and Juran customer is the centre of the production system. According to Crosby demand standards depends upon certain specifications and these specification are not the vague measurement.
§  Quality improvement responsibility: According to Deming responsibility for quality improvement is decided from the board room. As per Juran quality should reflect the fitness for use and top management’s involvement is important in quality improvement initiatives. According to Crosby quality which can give zero defects can be constituted by developing processes in accordance to that from the top management.
§  Quality goals: According to Deming goal of quality is to meet consumer need and make continuous improvement. Juran suggests that quality should continually improve while Crosby states that quality can be developed through zero defect construction.    
Task 2.1
Explain what is meant by customer satisfaction and how the organization can understand the customers and their needs. Discuss the pros and cons of elements like: responding to customer demand, customer expectations, meeting or exceeding customer expectations, value for money, added value, repeat custom, etc.

Customer satisfaction would be defined by the level of benefits derived by consumers from the products & services delivered by an organization. An organization can attain higher customer satisfaction by correctly responding to consumer demand (Cianfrani & West, 2009). Responding to customer demand would enhance customer satisfaction while limitation for responding to consumer demand would be to make changes in the product developed by organization. Customer expectation need to be match with value delivery in order to enhance consumer satisfaction and limitation for higher consumer expectation would create problems for the organization. Meeting or exceeding customer expectation would improve customer satisfaction level while exceeding customer expectation would require higher expenditure for the organization.

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