Human Disease and Immunity POSTER

You must produce a poster of at least A3 size on Microsoft Word that clearly illustrates the different processes by which the human body defends itself against infection in sufficient detail equivalent to A-Level.
You must research it in sufficient detail that it would be suitable for use by an A-level student.
You must include an explanation of the first and second line of defence processes, the humoral response process and the cell mediated response process involved in defence against infection (information can be found on PowerPoint’s provided LO 2.1/2.2). 
You must also include an explanation, using relevant examples, as to the different ways in which diseases may be categorised (information can be found on PowerPoint provided LO 1.1).
Please see powerpoints as the have more information on them. 
1st line of defence
    Skin
    Mucous membrane                 
    Tears
    Stomach acid
    Natural flora
2nd line of defence               Inflammation 
    Mast cells
    Neutrophils
    Eosinophil’s
    Basophil
    Blood clotting 

B Lymphocytes (Plasma cells + memory cells)
T Lymphocytes (Helpers, killer suppressor +memory cells)

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