how will the knowledge you have gained ?

This is a research paper. Do research, cite your sources in the narrative of the paper and reference your sources on the reference page.Address the following questions in your the paper. Make four headings in your paper.Based on what you have learned, describe your leadership in terms of traits, skills, and behaviors (use text book chapters, 2,3,4). Why do you say this? Justify your position. Refer to the traits, skills, and behaviors in the related chapters of the text.
Based on what you have learned, what leadership approach best describes your leadership (use text book chapters 5-12)? Pick one of the approaches (like servant leadership) that best describes your leadership. Explain why you say this? Justify your position. Refer to the many styles/approaches in the text.

What is the one “concept” or “learning” that you got from this course that you will now take with you to help you be a better leader every day? Why did you select this one concept or learning?
Paper Details:This is a research paper. Do some research. You must cite at least three references in your paper (with in-text citations) and reference them on the reference list page. The paper must be written/formatted in APA style. Use the APA style guide (look in Modules for APA Checklist, APA Citing Guidelines, and APA Word Template). Suggestion, write your paper using/aligned with the four headings above. You will be scored using a rubric similar to the one in your Canvas. See “Sample Paper Scoring Rubric.”
References Guide:References from Wikipedia are NOT allowed.References from web pages with no author and no publish date are NOT allowed.References from the following sources are allowed:
Books with authors and publication datesPeriodicals (e.g., journal articles) with authors and publication datesElectronic sources (e.g., journal articles, newspaper articles, blog posts) with authors and publication dates retrieved from a professional web site Paper Formatpage 1 Cover pageAbstract not requiredpage 2 – N (Content supported by research. No more than 4 pages.)last page (At least three references, one can be the class text book, nothing from Wikipedia, all references must have an author and publish date)

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