how Plus another professional sources?

I need an APA essay paper time new romans 12 front. My source has to be the text book Im using: Helman, Cecil G. Culture, Health and Illness, Fifth edition ISBN# 978-0-340-91450-2
Plus another professional sources such as a book or journal such as. It has to be a minimum 500 words. The content, grammar, APA style, times new roman, number of current (less than five (5) years old) references used in the essay and then with a rubric. There should be at least four (4) references including with sourcing from textbook. Correctly cite and reference all information using APA style. At the end of the essay ask one question you would ask the reader in reference to the essay. You may choose one of the following question to write the essay. ALL THAT I ASK IS THAT IT IS FREE FROM PLAGERSIM AND THAT YOU PLEASE INFORM ME OF WHICH QUESTION YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO THE
2. In leprosy, does the patient suffer from stigmatization? If so, does it affect their : marriage or personal relationships?, family relationships?, employment?, economic status? or housing?
3. To what extent do people believe malaria can be treated by: Western pharmaceuticals that are self-prescribed or those that are medically prescribes?, traditional home remedies?, traditional healers?

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