HI5016 International Trade & Enterprise

Pl choose ONE topic out of the following list •Globalization
-Countries/Industries are affected (2 to 3 countries and 2 to 3 industries) 
-Positive cases
-Negative cases
-Some facts and figures are required with your analysis

•Free Trade agreement between Australia and China or Korea or Japan. (recently last 3 to 5 years)
-Facts and figures (last 3 to 5 years)
-Which industries are growing amongst these countries in Trade 
-Discuss some positive and negative aspects of these agreements (at least 3 articles for each side of the argument)
-Factors affecting this trade 

•Subsidies in Agriculture, Car industry and Clean energy like Solar energy/wind 
-Positive aspects
-Negative aspects
-2 to 3 countries and 1 or 2 industries 

•Small countries with less population and GDP have been benefited with trade
-2 to 3 countries
-Affect on GDP/Standard of living 
•Comparative advantage 
-Explain the reasons 
-2 to 3 countries and  1 to 2 industries 
-Some facts and figures 

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