Heading 1: Implications of interest group (who is affected)

Answer the following
o    What is the issue?
o    Why is the issue important?
o    Why does it need to be address?
o    Give evidence example prevalence of alcohol abuse among Australian youth
o    Determinants of health, why is it a problem or what are the determinants of the problem

2.    Heading 1: Implications of interest group (who is affected) (300 words)

o    Who is affected by the issue?
o    How is the issue affecting them and why? ( Health, social, emotional or economic impact)
o    What are the risk factors or proximity?

3.    Heading 2: Key message (What you are trying to influence?) ( aprox 250 words) Changing social norms through policy reform which stop alcohol advertisement because: Alcohol sponsorship of sporting organisations, teams and events, as well as advertising of alcohol products during sports events (ground advertising and broadcast advertising) pose unresolved ethical questions because of the health and social risks associated with alcohol consumption
o    Area of influence
o    What are you trying to influence?
o    Specific action you want to see change (focus on policy or setting changes)
o    Use a number of sentences that capture a take home message relating the issue and proposed change
o    Have clear message that are underpin by evidence
o    Have a messages that are related to policy change

4.    Heading 2: Target audience (who you are trying to  influence) ( aprox 200 words)(this is those who have the power to make changes e.g the government)
o    Who do you need to target and why?
o    Who has the power or influence to help the change to occur
o    Who are you trying to influence ( key stake holders?) 

5.    Heading 4: Methods of communication ( approx. 300 words)
o    How will you communicate with your target audience?
o    Share you process of communication on how you will create change
o    Communication methods= advocacy strategies

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