HCO management process in health care organizations today.

Please type your Research Paper in ONE word file (save it in the Microsoft Office 1997 -2003 format, doc file) The research paper presented in prescribed format will constitute 15% of your course grade, and is expected to be approximately 3-4 pages in length not including the reference page and title pages. Research paper: Write a paper about a current issue in health care management: which reflects the following: 1. The role of the management topic in the health care organizations. 2. The impact of the topic selected on the HCO management processes. 4. Explain how the management topic is related to the government regulatory environment. 5. Describe the relationship, if any, your topic has on special interest groups and other health care organizations such as JCAHO, etc. 6. Describe any strategies necessary to implement this topic into the HCO management process in health care organizations today. 7. Include any impact the management topic would have on health care policy making today.

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