Given the following selected information

Given the following selected information

8. Given the following selected information on Cicalese’s Chocolate Inc., calculate the cash flow fromoperating activities for the year 20X1,Dec 31, 20X0Dec 31, 20X1EAT:$600,000$750,000Depre Expe:$100,000$120,000Dividends:$400,000$500,000Acc. Receiv:$1,500,000$2,000,000Inventory:$3,500,0002,000,000Acc. Payable:$350,000$500,000Long-Term Debt: $2,300,000$3,000,000Co. Stock:$2,200,000$2,500,000Retained Earn: $6,150,000$6,350,0009. Cameron’s balance sheet:Acc. Payable34Acc. Receivables61Accruals29Accumulated Depreciation(175)Cash33Common Stock120Fixed Assets (gross)390Inventory133Long-Term DebtRetained Earnings20065What is Cameron’s Net Working Capital?10. A firm’s current ratio is 1.33, and its quick ratio is 1.0. If its current liabilities are $13,900, what are itsinventories?12. Iris Inc. balance sheet:Acc. Payable35Acc. Receivable55Accruals30Acc. Depreciation(175)Cash32Common Stock120Fixed Assets (gross)390Inventory135Long-Term Debt200Retained Earnings65What is Iris Inc. total assets?13. If firm A has a higher debt-to-equity ratio than firm B, thena.firm A has a lower equity multiplier than firm Bb.firm B has a lower financial leverage than firm Ac.firm B has a lower equity multiplier than firm Ad.none of the above16. You purchase a piece of property for 30,000 nine years ago and sold it today for 83,190. What wasthe annual rate of return on your investment?17. The First National Bank has agree to lend you 30,000 today, but you must repay 42,135 in threeyears. What rate is the bank charging you?

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