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GC NUR699 All Discussions latest 2016 september

24 / 01 / 2019 Assignments

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GC NUR699 All Discussions latest 2016 september

Wk 1 Dq 1 & Dq 2 latest 2016 september
Dq 2
What is the difference between research- and evidence-based
practice projects? Provide an example of each one and the reason for the
difference. Why should nurses be interested in learning about EBP?
Dq 2
How would a nurse practitioner and a nurse manager differ
with regard to how they use and incorporate EBP in their areas of practice?

Wk 2 Dq 1 & Dq 2 latest 2016 september
dq 1
Review the “General Appraisal Overview for All
Studies,” available in Appendix B in the textbook. You should save this
tool and use it throughout the development of the PICOT question, problem description,
and literature review.
Begin the development of your PICOT question, using the
following resources:
“Appendix A: Template for Asking Clinical
Questions,” available in the textbook appendix
Text readings
Formulate your PICOT question and post it to the main forum.
Respond to at least four other statements, providing feedback. Review the
statements to see if the clinical issue is clearly defined and that all aspects
are identified. Also refer to the “PICOT: Components of an Answerable,
Searchable Question” table, located in chapter 2 of the text. If one PICOT
statement has at least three feedback posts, move to another statement.
You will be using the feedback to make revisions to your
PICOT question before using it in your “Section B: Problem
Description” assignment.

dq 2
What strategies will you use in your new practice as an
advance practice nurse to review and critique literature pertinent to your

Wk 3 Dq 1 & Dq 2 latest 2016 september
dq 1

What levels of evidence are present in relation to research
and practice, and why it is important regardless of the method you use?

dq 2
What factors must be assessed when critically appraising
quantitative studies (e.g., validity, reliability, and applicability)? Which is
the most important? Why?

Wk 4 Dq 1 & Dq 2 latest 2016 september
dq 1
What are some of the obstacles or barriers to implementing
EBP in nursing? Provide a rationale for your answer. Since there are numerous
topics on the issue, it is not appropriate to repeat one that has already been
mentioned unless providing new information.

dq 2
Conducting research projects while ensuring the protection
of human subjects is necessary. What are some methods to protect personal
rights of someone in one of the groups that is labeled as vulnerable? Justify
your rationale.

Wk 5 Dq 1 & Dq 2 latest 2016 september
dq 1
Why is it important to incorporate a theory or model related
to change when implementing practice changes? Does the benefit of incorporating
a change model outweigh the time and effort it took to include it?
dq 2
Identify barriers to the implementation of evidence-based
practice. What are two ways to address this problem?

Wk 6 Dq 1 & Dq 2 latest 2016 september
dq 1
When reviewing the literature and different types of evidence,
there are often gaps in the findings. Are such gaps a help or a hindrance when
wanting to create a change?

dq 2
What is the difference between statistically significant
evidence and clinically significant evidence? How would each of these findings
be used to advance an evidenced-based project?

Wk 7 Dq 1 latest 2016 september
Research and EBP projects can be communicated in many ways.
Which method do you think is most effective to get to the staff nurse level? To
the advance practice nurses? How will you ensure that all appropriate audiences
receive your information?

Wk 8 Dq 1 & Dq 2 latest 2016 september
dq 1
Post your “Evidence-Based Practice Proposal Project
Presentation.” Review all of the presentations but provide critical
commentary only to five others posted. Address the strengths of the proposal as
well as recommendations for improvement. If a post already has five feedback
posts then move on to another one. You will be responsible for responding to
each peer’s feedback that is posted to your original presentation post.

dq 2
There is power in having data to support change. The EBP
process is one way of advancing improvements in healthcare. Identify three
strategies that you will now incorporate into your practice based on this
course. Explain your rationale.

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