GBK, Inc. has sales of 10,552

GBK, Inc. has sales of 10,552

Problem 2-1GBK, Inc. has sales of 10,552; total assets of 6210; and a debt-equity ratio of 1.40. If itsreturn on equity is 15%, what is its net income? (You may, or may not, find the Du PontIdentity helpful.)Problem 2-2You have collected the following information about Your Firm, Inc.:Sales = 215,000Net Income = 19,200Dividends = 10,200Total Debt = 96,000Total Equity = 64,000A] What is the sustainable growth rate for Your Firm, Inc.?B] If it does grow at this rate, how much new borrowing will take place in the comingyear, assuming a constant debt-equity ratio?C] What growth rate could be supported with no outside financing at all?

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