Fundamentals of Equity Markets

Prepare a report on each company that summarises your research, analysis and recommendations regarding MTU and TOX.
The following format is indicative of the main points you should cover on each company. 
You may wish to include other information.
•A summary of results over the past three years.
•A graph of the share price over the past year and an explanation of share price movements.
•A brief analysis of results/outlook, in point form.
•Your recommendation on whether the company is a BUY, HOLD or SELL. The recommendation needs to be specific and outline the reasons for your recommendation.
You should use current data in your report. 
The presentation of your report is important. You may decide to illustrate your analysis graphically or by using tables. Use your initiative to present the required information in as clear a format as possible. All tables and diagrams must have titles and axes in diagrams must be labelled.

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