From the assignment paper attached to this order, please read the TASK DESCRIPTION and GUIDANCE FOR STUDENTS

From the assignment paper attached to this order, please read the TASK DESCRIPTION and GUIDANCE FOR STUDENTS IN THE COMPLETION OF TASKS very carefully before start the work. You have been called in as a management consultant to BDA Ltd. BDA Ltd make farming equipment and they are benchmarking the company against world class competition. The market sector is very competitive and BDA wish to improve their profits. They are a medium sized company with a hierarchical structure. (provided) They have 3 teams that work days with three breaks during the day. Their production lines for large equipment (such as diggers, telehandlers and forklift trucks) are made to order with one team responsible for making the entire vehicle. When the order is placed, the parts are checked in the warehouse and assigned to the team responsible. Any not available are then ordered in and usually arrive in under a week. This sometimes causes slight delays. The team members are utilised during these delays with cleaning and maintenance and the manager and the supervisor do administrative tasks. An example of the activities involved in making a vehicle is shown. You have been asked to write a report of approximately 5,000 words detailing your recommendations for improving the efficiency and profits of BDA Ltd In your report consider organisational structure, what basic structure would you recommend, with reasons? At what stage in the product lifecycle would you consider these products to be and how would this affect your recommendations? How would you approach managing the changes you recommend in order to minimise effects on the workforce? How would the leadership of the organisation be affected with this change process and how would the leadership be different once the change management has occurred? Draw a critical path analysis network diagram for the activities shown in the table, show the critical path and make recommendations. Please do not the words limit which is 5000 words in total. For the words count "2500" for the first part and "2500" for the leadership part. This is Master assignment which is need to be done by high level. Please use UK English with your writing. Use Harvard referencing style.

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