FNSACC402 Prepare Operational Budgets

Providing feedback 
•    Provide constructive feedback to the student on their performance during the assessment period.  Do not make any comments on actions undertaken prior or after the assessment period.
•    Provide the student with:
o    Their assessment result
o    Clear and constructive feedback based on the assessment decision
o    The reasons underpinning your assessment decision
o    Information on ways of overcoming any identified gaps in competency revealed by the assessment the opportunity to discuss the assessment process and outcome information on reassessment and the appeals processes.
An opportunity for reassessment if appropriate or requested by the candidate
What is the difference between cash and accrual accounting?
What is the difference between single and double entry accounting?
Pedro`s Pasta purchases a car for $8,800 using a loan from the bank suppler.  Referring to double entry accounting, what are the two effects of action?   Show how you would record the transaction in the ledger.
What are performance indicators?  Provide 2 different PI’s that can be used for budgets and financial plans.
What is regression analysis?  What benefits are there to this technique?

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