Financial Projection

Part A: Working individually, you are required to access Lab 1 on page 177 of your ebook and follow the instructions from page 177 to page 181. In this exercise you will 1. create a financial projection worksheet, including appropriate titles, sparkline and other charts, 2. perform goal seek analysis and answer the questions in the module, and 3. report briefly on the results of the spreadsheet. Over the last few weeks you have learnt most of the commands/skills to complete this assignment. The few you may have not seen yet, for example, inserting sparkline charts, are explained in Module 3 of your ebook between pages 115 and 173. Part B: (Approximately 600 words) 1. Improving Marketing and Sales: Suppose that August Online Technology wanted to increase the annual sales of the product you have been analysing. Write a section in your report stating how you could use the Internet, for example, online discussion, web publishing, social media, etc., to improve your marketing and sales? 2. Network security risks and protection: Suppose that you had product plans and details on the August Online Technology computer network. Discuss possible security risks, Internet and Network attacks which might impact the safety and privacy of the product. Suggest possible security tools to protect the product and the product information.

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