Financial planning

Preparation by both the client and the planning team is essential to a successful client meeting. Describe the preparation that should be made to ensure the success of the initial interview held in your office. (250 words)
List the documents that you would provide a client during, or prior to, the initial meeting. Explain the contents of each document and why they are necessary. (200 words)
Outline how you would develop rapport with a client during your first meeting. (200 words)
Explain to a client the role of the adviser and the relationship with the licensee. Ensure you use language that your client would understand. (250 words)
What ways would you use to maintain and develop your knowledge and advising skills, and your obligations under the relevant legislation? (150 words)
It is important that your clients understand your company’s dispute resolution procedure. Explain, step by step, a typical internal and external complaints resolution processes available to a client. 

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