Financial and Managerial Decision Making BD 6103

The assessment will provide you with the opportunity to investigate the different methods of financing a business in the short, medium and long term and will consider working capital requirements as well as the variety of sources of finance for more permanent capital investment. Analysis of past financial performance and position will be used to inform future decisions and financial planning, and there will be the opportunity to investigate the process of modelling of different financial structures. Decision making will be a vital skill to use within this activity as a range of financing options will need to be considered to overcome past and current business problems. 
Completion of this assessment activity will enable you to contribute towards three of the module’s learning outcomes which appear below (other assessment activities will already have provided you with the opportunity to contribute to the first two of these):
•    Explore/investigate the role of financial and management decision-making in the overall function of organisational management
•    Use a range of theoretical techniques to analyse and evaluate a firm’s capital structure decisions and associated risk
•    Explore and express the financial implications of CSR policies or decisions

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