Financial and Economic Literacy for Managers

Percentage of marks awarded for module: The assignment account for 100 percent of the assessment Assessment criteria Explanatory comments on the assessment criteria Maximum marks for each section Content, style, relevance, originality Content will reflect the students’ ability to understand and to analyse the Financial and Economic Literacy for Managers (FELM4026) course as taught. Answers to be based on an interpretation of class handouts and evidence of background reading. 50% Format, referencing, bibliography • The limit is not a guide, it is an instruction. • Do not stray into tangential material. Always ask yourself – is what I’ve written relevant to the question set? • Copy and Paste.Try to refrain from doing this. • Font size. Please use font size of TNR 12 or Arial 12 size. • Use Double space. • Read (aloud) what you have written. If we can’t understand your argument, you will not get any credit for it. • The Study Skills Handbook and Module provide detailed guidance on referencing. Ensure you reference your citations using the Harvard method. 10 % Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion Critical analysis is an important test of the student’s ability to evaluate business economics and finance concepts. Introductions and conclusions should briefly address the issues to be discussed. 40%

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