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FINANCE 330- Group Term Paper Ford verses General Motors

24 / 01 / 2019 Assignments

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FINANCE 330- Group Term Paper Ford verses General Motors

Group Term Paper
of Project
Write an eight
to ten page research paper on two group-selected competing companies. The eight to tenpages does not include
the title page, graphs or references. I will assign groups in the next
week or so. If you would prefer to do an individual paper, please let me know
as this is an option, but you will still be required to complete all of the
Choose two
corporate competitors and compare them from a financial perspective, not based
on personal preferences.
examples of competitors to choose would be:
Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi-Cola
Ford Motor Company vs. General
Mars vs. Hershey
Proctor and Gamble vs. S.E.
Miller Brewing vs. Anheuser-Busch
Polaris vs. Arctic Cat
will have you inform me of your selection of competitors and why you selected
them as a discussion topic in Week 4, so your group will have to decide by
each company and comparing the two, you are to write an eight to ten (8-10)
page report that includes the following discussion topics:
A short background on each company, the industry and the market conditions in
which they operate. This should be no more than one to two pages for both
companies in total and can be a part of your introduction.
Compute the following financial ratios for each company. If you need help
understanding the meaning of the ratios or how to they are computed, go to:.investopedia.com/university/ratios/”>http://www.investopedia.com/university/ratios/
measurement ratio: Current ratio
indicator ratios: Return on assets · Return on equity
ratio: Debt ratio
performance ratio: Fixed asset turnover ratio
flow indicator ratio: Dividend payout ratio
valuation ratio: Price / Earnings ratio
the ratios you computed, discuss what these ratios tell us about each company’s
performance, and how the companies compare to the industry average. Feel free
to use graphs/charts as comparisons for any or all ratios and then discuss the
ratios of most relevance to these companies and their competitive performance.
As an investor, discuss which company you would choose to invest in and provide
a rationale for your decision. Support your conclusions, why or why not?
After concluding your research about each company and reviewing their annual
report, discuss what non-financial criteria you would consider when choosing
between these two investment options? Support your conclusions, why or why not?
In short, your paper should
contain: a title page (names, course
number, title of paper and date), an introduction to the companies, a listing
of all of the calculated ratios and discussion about their significance,
investment information and analysis for both companies, a summary, and
Grading Notes:
will be graded on the quality of your answers, the logic/organization of the
report, your language skills, and your writing skills. Remember to spell check
and proof read! Have someone in your group assigned to do a final edit, and/or
check each other’s sections for grammar and flow.Another
great option is to submit your document to UMUC’s Effective Writing Center
(EWC). A link to the EWC is located in the “Course Content” area of our
researching this topic, you must use a minimum of three sources, of which a
minimum of one of these sources must come from the UMUC Online Library
databases, other University research libraries and/or material included in this
course. Wikipedia and the text book cannot be used as one of your three
sources, but may be used after meeting the minimum number of references for
additional information.
sources used must be listed on a reference page in your report (last page)and
also cited throughout the body of your paper using APA formatting. There is a
link to APA Tutorial in the “Course Content” area of our classroom. It is
highly recommended you refer to this source as you prepare your research
document. The Effective Writing Center has tools to help with APA format as
submit your research paper in Microsoft Word using 12 point font (Arial, Times
New Roman, or another easy to read font) double-spaced. Please insert topic
headings to help organize your paper for easier understanding. If you don’t
have Microsoft Word, please let me know as soon as possible so I can determine
if I will be able to open your document for grading.
contact me with any questions about this research project. It is worth 200
points, 20% of your grade.

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