Federation Group Accountants

You are an accountant at Federation Group Accountants & Investment Advisers. You have been approached by a group of investors for your professional advice on why Dick Smith went into receivership in February, 2016.  Required:  On Moodle you will find the 2015 annual report for Dick Smith:    Analyse this report based on your accounting studies and prepare a report showing how Dick Smith went from some very optimistic results (provide evidence) in this 2015 annual report to being liquidated.  You should use some basic information such in this report such as: a. A description of the core business of the company including full details of its operating activities. b. A discussion on any significant issues emerging from the Directors’ Report. c. A discussion on the Corporate Governance Statement. d. A calculation of the key financial ratios for 2015 e. Other information  The main aim of this paper is to provide your professional advice on why Dick Smith went from some optimism in their annual report into receivership in February, 2016.   Please note the following: • Format: Business report

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