explanations that support your thesis

Read Igor Primoratz’s argument in favor of the death penalty in chapter 31 and Stephan Nathanson’s argument against it in chapter 32. Provide the following in your final project: Introduction: Be succinct (no more than one paragraph), but include the following a. Thesis Statement- one sentence underlined (the claim to be supported) b. Plan for the paper-no more than one sentence, c. Background for the thesis- no more than one sentence. Argument supporting the thesis: this is where you provide reasons and explanations that support your thesis (i.e., this is where you develop your premises). Assessment of objections: This is where you address counterarguments (a counterargument is an argument trying to prove that your argument is flawed). You are reading two different perspectives on these contemporary issues and as you agree with one, you will consider the other the counterargument. Conclusion: Here is where you summarize your argument. In the conclusion you will want to make bold statements that drive home the entire paper.

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