explain the relationship between the sources and relate it to social studies ?

Source 2
Speaker 1: Economic globalization is a double edged sword. If we can take advantage of its benefits and avoid its negative aspects, our enterprises can develop in a healthy environment. Speaker 2: Globalization refers to the process of reducing barriers between countries and encouraging closer economic, political, and social interaction. Globalization could vastly increase the ability of people everywhere to improve their standard of living by sharing knowledge and the fruits of human labour across those barriers. This, of course, does not happenSource 3: I will send picture
Thousands of discarded computers from Western Europe and the US arrive in the ports of west Africa every day, ending up in massive toxic dumps where children burn and pull them apart to extract metals for cash.
1. Write a 1200-1500 word essay that includes an introduction paragraph of what you will talk about. Then: Write paragraphs to
a. interpret each source, explain the ideological perspective(s) presented, and discuss the links between the principles of globalization and each source you should have one paragraph per source!b. identify and explain one or more of the relationships that exist among the sources you should have 1 2 paragraphs for this.2. Write a brief concluding statement that sums up your essay which is included in your paragraph about the relationship.

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