explain Overall response to the essay question Sections

All essays require an initial plan in order that the essay question is answered in a manner which follows a logical path, includes relevant discussion and research, and fully addresses the question.
The first assignment is designed to examine your skills of essay planning. The essay plan should give a clear idea of how you would respond to the question, which resources you would use, and what you understand about the topic. You are not writing a full essay for this assignment, so are not expected to write extensively on each point. However, you should write in paragraphs rather than bulleted points and indicate examples of research, textual analysis, resources, etc, in order to demonstrate your understanding. You are expected to have conducted appropriate reading for the assignment and have viewed relevant film(s).
Your essay plan should include each of the following:
Overall response to the essay question
Sections of essay that argue specific points
Research that might be used in each section
Examples of research so far undertaken, for example quotations from specific books and/or articles
Ways in which your analysis of the relevant film (where this applies) might be used to illustrate your points
Appropriate references and bibliography

2. Using detailed examples from films, discuss the influence of the Production Code on filmmaking in the studio era?

3. With particular reference to Casablanca (1942), consider the ways in which Hollywood was used as a source of propaganda during World War II.

4. Explore the significance of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) as reflected in films of the post-war era.

5. To what extent did television contribute to the decline of the studio system?

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