evaluate the financial information?

You should provide a thoughtful and thorough analysis of the Grolsch company as well as your opinion supported with information from the readings, lectures, and discussions.
(Use the following points to help structure your analysis.):
o Did it reach its goal?
o Evaluate 2007 EBITDA per hectoliter of the major players.
o Evaluate EBIT vs. cost of borrowing.
o How much of the profit is made where?
o Evaluate the current volume of the new brewery.
o What can be said about the geographic coverage?
2. What changes did Grolsch make to compete better in international markets?
3. What do you think of the MABA framework? Support your position with facts drawn from the case.
4. What distribution structure would you choose?o What distribution models did Grolsch try?o What would you suggest? Support your position with facts drawn from the case.
5. What do you see as the major driver for the consolidation in the beer industry in 2007 2008?
6. What advantages do you see in the acquisition of Grolsch by SABMiller?

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