EDU10003 The World of Maths Assessment 3: Maths resource folio

By gathering information into a folio, you are demonstrating an ability to identify, evaluate and transmit ideas about effective engaging and encouraging mathematical experiences for children. This assessment requires you to track your reasons for including specific evidence through adding a reflective dialogue. Your folio should not just be a collection of resources, however, if academic underpinning is not evident you will not pass this assessment. ● You will submit ten items (containing your evidence as detailed in the Theme table) with a 250 word rationale for each item ● Your folio is to be in Evernote ● Each item should be clearly labelled with o the name and description o evidence of the resource such as a URL (if from an external source), filename or screen shot, o a brief description of how that resource enhances children’s mathematical knowledge, o your opinion of the resource and an analysis, supported by research. ● Make sure you include all relevant files in your submission if you refer to additional information.

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