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The Title is : A policy maker proposes a bill to end the lockout laws, provide an analysis and recommendation. ( attached lecturer’s email) About the lockout law: wanna write an assignment that AGREE TO END the lock-out law Need economic paper, case, news or data to support the points on the assignment. And the references have to be a real one. Word Count not exceeding 1500 words ( NOT include reference ) I am required to write a recommendation and the followings are the structure details that lecturer provided. Project Outline 1.) Title: Defines a clear topic that is policy relevant. It can be phrased in the form of a question. Introduction: Introduce the topic and try to spark the reader’s interest. Why is the policy interesting and important to analyse. 2) Policy Background in NSW: Describe the current law/policy and when the current policy was implemented. You should appropriately cite the legal statutes. Give the reader an (brief and concise) idea of the history of the policy in Australia. 3) Prior Research: What do we know from the economic literature that is relevant to the proposed policy and the decision to be made? 4) Discussion and policy recommendation: Provide a recommendation and discuss/support your recommendation based on your assessment of the evidence presented in the prior section. Note that you should discuss evidence from both sides of the debate. This section should give a clear message to political decision makers in Australia. You are weighing the evidence and making a recommendation based on your assessment (which should, of course, be from the perspective of an economist.) 5) Key references: You should have at least 8 references. All (or the vast majority) should be from academic economic journals. You are expected to follow the Harvard Style for Referencing ( attached the Harvard Style referencing PDF)

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