DNA mediated transformation

This year we have the same topic for all students : Synthetic biology- a dream or reality? This essay will be written in the “Times magazine style”, i.e. to a broader audience. The topics that will be around whatever is ‘hot’; in the biotech area, will be announced before the mid-semester break. You can take a strong standing on the topic you are writing about in order to engage the reader and prove the value of your point of view. Expected length of the paper is about 5-10 double spaced typewritten pages. Use illustrations and references if applicable. The essay will be submitted to turnitin. This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes: At the end of this unit, the students will be able to: 1. Describe key concepts and explain the impact of biotechnology, and discuss its interdisciplinary nature and how it has affected modern society. 2. Conduct hands-on laboratory work using contemporary experimental techniques including microbial culture, DNA mediated transformation, production of recombinant proteins in fungi, confocal microscopy and glycan analysis. 3. Collect and synthesize experimental data in the form of a scientific report which conforms to a standard biotechnology journal, including the use of appropriate scientific referencing. At Masters level students are expected to go beyond ‘this is what we got’ to ‘how can I explain and/or improve on this’. 4. Work in a group as well as well as an individual. 5. Pursue individual topics of biotechnology by consulting relevant scientific literature and write a news and views type essay on a selected topic in biotechnology. 6. Document and demonstrate the biotechnology skills relevant for employment in industry or progressing into higher degree studies. 7. Discuss the ethical aspects related to recombinant DNA technolog

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