Disseminate security policy 1.1 Raise the profile of security management to indicate its fundamental importance within the organisation.

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element. Where bold italicised text is used, further information is detailed in the range of conditions section.

1. Disseminate security policy 

1.1 Raise the profile of security management to indicate its fundamental importance within the organisation.

1.2 Articulate security standards for the organisation in a manner suited to the level and experience of staff.

1.3 Explain ways in which the security policy and plan contribute to the achievement of organisational corporate goals.

1.4 Communicate roles and responsibilities of key people in the organisation regarding implementation of security measures.

1.5 Present and disseminate information to meet the needs of diverse audiences.

2. Champion security awareness 

2.1 Lead and motivate others in promoting the role of security processes as integral to effective management practices.

2.2 Use methods to champion security awareness based on an in-depth understanding of the organisation’s culture and structure and the nature of both internal and external clients.

2.3 Establish a positive tone within the organisation regarding security, by engendering trust and confidence in security measures.

2.4 Establish guidelines for the creation of formal and informal networks and to nurture cooperative and ethical client relationships.

3. Market security management inside and outside the organisation 

3.1 Identify and assess potential activities to promote security and its importance to the overall objectives of the organisation in relation to the current security policy and plan.

3.2 Coordinate implementation of activities with management and key stakeholders.

3.3 Encourage shared ownership of security processes through ongoing consultation and information sharing.

3.4 Organise promotional activities to raise stakeholder awareness of both the ethical and financial aspects of security and to endorse the concept and practice of security management.

3.5 Monitor trends in order to ensure currency of the organisation’s security measures.

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