Determine the alternative hypothesis via the appropriate math equation

The following Assignment needs to be editedDirections
Use the data in the Mall of Elbonia Interview Results file and the process outlined below to confirm that the average amount mall customers spend on food during a visit to your mall has increased. Use an alpha of .05.
2. Determine the alternative hypothesis via the appropriate math equation, and write a brief explanation.
3. Solve the equation to determine whether to accept or reject the null hypothesis.
4. Determine whether the p-value indicates acceptance or rejection of the null. Use alpha = .05.Next, address the following:
Report the rejection or acceptance of the null, in terms of the scenario results.
Write a three-sentence paragraph that details:
o Why you can be statistically confident that the average amount a food court’s customer spends has increased, decreased, or remained the same.
o What would happen if alpha was .01 or .10.
Recommend actions to the food court owners based on your findings.

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