Description: As an audio engineering professional it is important to be knowledgeable in all genres of musical recording and methods.

Description: As an audio engineering professional it is important to be knowledgeable in all genres of musical recording and methods. Orchestral recording may be required for mediums such as film, T.V. and popular music embellishment so it is important for the sound producer to realize the potential expenses incurred and the engineer to understand the significance of preparation. The versatility acquired in this two part series of assignments will expand your effectiveness in orchestral and acoustic music recording techniques. Each student will prepare project proposal for recording of an approved ensemble in an appropriate real-world venue, indicating an understanding of the genre, ensemble, acoustic, microphone techniques, equipment, and personnel requirements. The proposal must therefore indicate the nature of the job, e.g. is it an amateur ensemble commissioning a recording, or a professional ensemble having a concert recorded. A selection of projects has been prepared for this assessment, from which you may choose. You will need to identify and articulate the sound production requirements for this recording and analyse what equipment is needed to successfully complete the job. You will document the ensemble floor plan within the proposed recording venue, in accordance with class teachings and your own research, and indicate the positions of the microphones for a stereo recording, along with their makes, models and any specific microphone techniques you would use to make the recording, and explain the reasons behind your choices. In accordance with the ensemble layout you will supply a detailed breakdown of all budget requirements involved in producing the sound recording to a finished master including; conductor, musicians, engineer, appropriate venue hire, equipment rental and mixing costs. You will need to define which elements are real costs and which elements are “gratis” – eg how many musicians are being paid. Your budget should conform to appropriate legal rates and current equipment hire available in your selected city. Costing must be accurate to information delivered during class and may also be obtained through quotes sourced by phone, email or Internet listings from local businesses. Assessment Criteria as per Rubric Demonstrated understanding of production values for repertoire Demonstrated understanding of the implications of the venue acoustics Demonstrated understanding of stereo microphone techniques Appropriate professional submission Accurate and well documented costing Submission Format Your 2000 word proposal will include: - A floor plan of the venue indicating ensemble, instruments, microphones and other equipment with an appropriate key. - A detailed documentation and rationale of equipment and processes. - A detailed true-cost budget for the production.Submit as a MS Word (.docx) via electronic submission.

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