Describe your states APRN qualifications required by law ?

Topic: Reimbursement and Credentialing In your discussion: Describe your states APRN qualifications required by law and the physician involvement required for APRN practice. Refer to the map of NCSBN APRN (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. consensus model for more information. Discuss your personal and professional beliefs regarding a national data base of provider credentials; include in your discussion the pros and cons your team should discuss when considering the use of an external vendor to credential providers in your practice. HINT: Copy and paste the items listed above into your Discussion Thread! Instructions READ – The Rubric for this discussion (see below for directions to find it). Post Create a thread and include your name and the name of the topic you are discussing. (Ex. John Doe – Practice, Business Structure & Team Work). Remember to copy and paste the discussion question to start your post. It will help you stay on task. Respond to the questions using scholarly answers not just opinions. However, in some cases it might be necessary and most effective to include personal experiences/thoughts.

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