Describe the culture of the organization: dress, level of formality, physical structure of offices

Reflection Paper A final project for the internship is a paper in which you reflect on your entire experience working at your host site. Consider using following outline or the questions on the next page to write the reflection paper.Paper Layout need to be as follow;A. Organization/Program-Write a brief sketch of the organization/program. Describe the culture of the organization: dress, level of formality, physical structure of offices and how they are assigned, staff meeting style, the hierarchy, worker input in decision-making, values, and reward system. Describe the organization/programs structure and your role in it.B. Change- Describe changes in your perception of the organization during this experience. What original assumptions have been challenged? In what ways has your understanding deepened?C. Learning Objectives- Describe the challenges and successes in your efforts to accomplish each of your initial objectives. Be specific. What feedback did you receive? Identify the specific outcomes for each objective, including any changes that were necessary.D. Academic Connections- In what ways has this experience related to what you have learned in the classroom? What are the connections between this experience and the knowledge you have gleaned from your academic work?E. Personal Development – Describe the skills you acquired or polished during this experience. Describe the specific contributions you made (the way the role was different because you were in that role). Comment on whether this role seemed to fit your talents, abilities, values, and interests. Identify the extent of your personal growth. How did it affect your strengths and weaknesses? Comments on how this experience relates to your future.F.

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