describe how they were applied?

Follow the example. It’s the same population and location that is used. We provide education and teach low income children from the boy and girls club how to cook healthy food. Make healthy food choices. Below is the rubric and direction to the paper.1. Population Nursing Care Plan portion 22 pointsHow to do a population care plan: When the focus is on a population, include: comprehensive, holistic assessment of the population with demographic info, social history, needs assessment, problem identification, and location & nature of services provided.Based on your assessment of your population, when developing your nursing care plan, you must include the following: A. Complete and summarize assessment of your population. Include demographic data. (2 points)

C. Select one of the problems and expand on nature of problem using appropriate Orem Self-Care Theory and NANDA diagnosis. Must include epidemiologic, subjective, and objective data to support diagnosis. (2 points)
D. Create nursing plan of care with the following areas of interventions (10 points)
a. Nursing care to include coordination of care/case management (excluding education and advocacy). (2 points)
b. Teaching/education for all levels of prevention (primary, secondary, tertiary). (6 points)
c. Advocacy plan for the health problem in this population (this is what you as a nurse in your community can do working with your community partners). (2 points)
E. In developing your plan of care, you will need to have expected outcomes with outcome criteria and timelines for health education, advocacy, and coordination of care. (6 points)
a. Demonstrate delivery of health education with the identification of one education outcome with appropriate outcome criteria and timeline. (2 points)
b. Demonstrate advocacy of your patient or population with one appropriate expected outcome with appropriate criteria and timeline. (2 points)
c. Demonstrate coordination of care by identifying case management strategy/coordination of care (not including teaching or advocacy) with one expected outcome with appropriate criteria and timeline. (2 points)
2. Discussion 4 points
Address the bullet points from the syllabus for the week the assignment is due.
Provide references as appropriate.3. QSEN 4 points
Identify Two QSEN competencies that you met this week and describe how they were applied. Every assignment requires inclusion of two of the competencies that had not been previously addressed so that four are covered by the end of the semester. You will receive 2 points for describe and define QSEN competencies and 2 points for giving appropriate examples from clinical (4 points for each competency in each area). 4. Journal 4 points
Write/communicate personal feelings and insights into the care that was provided, the experience, location, or what was learned.5.

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