Describe and discuss your emotions and reactions to different aspects of the performance.

The Orange County Weekly, the O.C. Register and the KSBR website all have information regarding venues where jazz is performed. KKJZ, 88.1 FM, is a good source for information regarding the jazz community. There are at least six jazz concerts here at Saddleback. The Jazz Studies Website ( has pertinent information regarding performances.Jazz Concert Review Checklist:For examples of good critical writing, you should read the concert reviews in the Times and/or Register as a matter of course.
As music is a part of the real world, spelling and grammar will count towards an acceptable grade.
Each review should be between one and a half to two pages, double spaced and typed.
Include the name of event, date, time and place.
Type of performance, including number of performers, type of group, instruments used and estimated size of audience. Include the names of as many players and their respective instruments as possible.
Include descriptions of at least three pieces: one at the beginning, middle and end of the performance. Did the pacing of the concert work?
Supply a program and/or ticket stub of the concert.
Describe the atmosphere and overall impression of the performance, and any other facets which were interesting. Incorporate the vocabulary and terms we have used in class.
Give the performance a grade.

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