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Demonstrate the application of the accounting concepts related

24 / 01 / 2019 Assignments

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Demonstrate the application of the accounting concepts related

[Type here]Comprehensive Problem has a value of 10% of your final grade.Objectives: Demonstrate the application of the accounting concepts related to Cost Behavior and Cost –Volume-Profit interactions.Apply the Cost-Volume-Profit relationship to determine target profitsCalculate the Required Sales Mix to break even.Calculate the Variable and Fixed Costs in a Mixed Cost scenarioDetermine Production Budgets based upon the Sales Projection.Part 1. 20%Boards 4 Brides customizes standard board games to depict places and events for the happy couple.These are then provided to the guests at the wedding reception. Boards 4 Brides has the followinghistorical information and is going to use the High – Low method to determine its pricing schedule.Using the following data, determine what Boards 4 Brides must charge for a wedding with 500 guests inorder to show a profit of $1,200.# Persons$ Costs200700380900425$ 1700$ 5200$ 3040$ 6850$ 3500Part 2. 40%Boards 4 Bucks sells 3 different Board Games: MakinMoney (MM), UpNDown (UD), ChexNBalances (CB)Last year Boards4Bucks sold 36,000 MM games, 63,000 UD games, and 81,000 CB games.MM sells for $22 with a variable cost of $8UD sells for $28 with a variable cost of $6CB sells for $35 with a variable cost of $11Fixed Costs for Boards4Bucks are $3,894,562.The company anticipates that the sales mix proportions will remain the same. For the next year, howmany board games of each title must Boards 4 Bucks sell to break even?Part 3. 40%[Type here][Type here]Boards 4 Boomers manufactures retro board games. The company is going through its annual budgetingprocess. Using the following data, determine the $ Amount that must be budgeted for Direct Materials,Direct Labor, and Factory Overhead. How much will Boards 4 Boomers spend to meet the ProductionBudget?Projected Sales: 1,250,000 gamesInventory Buffer Required:100,000Finished Goods Inventory:68,000DM Inventory Buffer Required: 70,000 partsDM Current Inventory:65,000 partsDM = 7 parts / gameDM$ = $2.25 / partDL = 20 minutes per partDL$ = $21.75 / hourFactory Overhead is Allocated at $1.10 per game[Type here]

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