define the date they will come in to see you again?

Topic Title: CROHNS Disease Pathopysiology of Crohns section, at a graduate level (scholarly) discuss the patho in terms of how it relates to the case study. LABS ( what are their importantcs, which labs will illustrate someone with crohnsDIAGNOTICS ( what will an Ultrasound or CT show for someone with crohns ) TREATMENT PALN ( PHAMACOLOGIC and NON- PHARMACOLOGICAL ORDERS It is to be written as a set of orders and the orders must be specific to the case study. o Think about frequency, amounts, timing with each order. o For example, all drugs must have the right dosage, route, timing and any stop date orders included, or parameters for "holding";. o Protocols may not be used (eg heparin protocol, or insulin protocol…you need to write out the actual parameters and dosages. After the treatment plan, you then provide the rationale for the each order ( why you are prescribing that specif medication). Some of the orders can be clustered together to provide the rationale. (We dont need the rationale for the frequency of vital signs, but you do need to write orders related to vital signs.) EDUCATION Outcomes" refers to what YOU as the FNP expect to observe the next time you round on the patient…. I dont need to know when you will round on the patient (in 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours), or the date they will come in to see you again, but I need to know that they will be followed up and "how will you know the patient is better or worse?" Complications… o Relate to complications with this case studya, with this diagnosis at this time. o Death is not an acceptable complication unless YOU have made your patient very critically ill. o A better way to view it is what are the next most likely complications related to ? the pathophys ? treatment ? any medications ordered o Implications for the FNP ? As an FNP, what did you contribute to the stabilization and treatment of this patient? ? Why should you be included in ";the team"? ? Is time muscle?

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