define include all sources for any images?

Description Dig deeper into the neighbourhood or community that you began to study in Assignment 1. Based on simple secondary research (i.e., you dont need to collect or produce your own new data seek reputable data that already exist) produce a 2000-word (+/- 10%) assessment of emissions and mitigation options for the community. Identify four mitigation options that address these sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Conclude by linking this area to the broader national/global climate change picture. Do you think that the community possesses adequate mitigative capacity to respond to climate change? Use images, graphs, and other compelling ways to communicate your data and illustrate emissions trajectories/mitigation options in your report. Be sure to include all sources for any images you use or data you cite. Reflect back on your adaptation assignment what are the synergies or trade-offs you can think of between adaptation and mitigation for this community? Your assignment must be submitted in the following file type: Microsoft Word (DOC or DOCX) In-text citation required.

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