define assignment is meant to test your reading comprehension skills

(4 pg) : Times New Roman, font size 12, double spacing. In your own words, summarize each of the position of: Descartes (500-1000 words) and Hobbes (500-1000 words) on the question of how we can have knowledge of the natural world. This assignment is to be written in paragraph form, not point form. Any use of the authors words must be set off in quotation marks and properly referenced to the text. Be sure to follow these four steps in completing your assignment: a. Identify the authors conclusion concerning the question. For example, begin by stating Ren Descartes concludes that we can only have knowledge of the natural world by ensuring that all our beliefs about it are based on . . .; and so on with the other author you choose. b. Identify the authors steps in reasoning to the identified conclusion, and note how these reasons are connected to one another. c. Based on your summary of the authors argument (conclusion and reasons), describe what appear to be any unstated assumptions he makes about the human mind, God, or the natural world. d. Conclude by categorizing the authors metaphysical and epistemological commitments under one or another of the headings laid out in the conceptual framework of Unit 1. Do not engage in any criticism or questioning of either authors views. This assignment is meant to test your reading comprehension skills, your argument analysis skills, and your ability to accurately restate the views of the authors mentioned.

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